标题: How to Automatic production of window and doors [打印本页]

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标题: How to Automatic production of window and doors
How to solve the problems of production efficiency, processing accuracy and labor difficulty has become a hot topic in the door and window industry.

To realize the automatic production of doors and windows is a big trend in the door and window industry. Only through the transformation and upgrading of the industry related to the door and window industry can we realize the networking of doors and windows from the aspects of design, ordering, purchasing, production, packaging, transportation, installation, etc., and the ERP program and MES control system can be connected to realize the true automatic production factory of doors and windows.

The following describes the partial automation and labor saving of aluminum alloy door and window equipment.

In terms of the current automation equipment in the door and window industry, it is mainly divided into mechanical processing part and assembly part. Mechanical automation is mainly reflected in the mechanical processing part.

However, due to the lack of standardization in the door and window industry, each aluminum manufacturer has its own standard. An aluminum manufacturer may have thousands of profile sections. The door and window enterprises are constantly innovating for marketing, which also creates a great dilemma for the automatic production of doors and windows. I have a window factory friend who makes decoration. There are dozens of profiles in their company, and millions of materials and waste materials are processed every year. They also want to save labor and materials through automation. However, there are various problems in the process of discussion.

1. There are many kinds of profiles. There are 50 kinds of profiles, and there are 5-10 colors of the same profile . If you need to cut with a double head saw, you should first solve the material problem. The identification and selection of materials generally rely on manual selection, which is easy to make mistakes. Therefore, the company chose the stereo storage system and invested about RMB 3 million.

2. The equipment purchased the products of an automation company imported from abroad, with an investment of 6 million yuan, and the software charges 1 million yuan. The operating system needs communication and training with foreigners. In addition, the requirements for operating equipment workers are very high, and the salary is 2-3 times that of ordinary employees. Because the equipment is a combination of cutting, drilling and milling, the efficiency of the equipment is very slow. Later, the equipment can only be put aside as a tool for visiting.

3. When the equipment breaks down in the process of use, because the equipment is too cumbersome, ordinary workers can not complete the repair. Foreign equipment needs to arrange staff service, the service cycle is very long, and the service cost is very expensive. Some manufacturers need to pay in advance to solve the problem. The impact of the current epidemic situation in recently makes it even more difficult to provide services abroad.

4. The equipment is only suitable for several kinds of profiles with standard . Many profiles cannot be cut on the equipment due to special cross-section, or conventional double head cutting is required, resulting in waste of equipment use.

In view of the above problems, automation is very difficult to achieve at present. Automatic production can be completed when a certain profile or a few profile types are specified. If a door and window factory wants to complete automation, it must set its own profile standards, door and window standards, and then combine with the software company to complete automatic production.

Cutting is the first process of all equipment. The angle, accuracy and perpendicularity of cutting will affect the subsequent production quality of doors and windows. Therefore, cutting is also the most important link in the production of doors and windows. The current thinking of JMD door and window equipment company is to complete the automation of the first process, make the first cutting process to the extreme, and then break through the subsequent processing process.

Each process purchase automation, high efficiency equipment to complete, so as to avoid processing waiting time, single workpiece automation will be a major breakthrough point in the future door and window industry. Common workers can solve the same problems with high efficiency and high efficiency.

At present, our cutting process has 45 degree automatic cutting line for doors and windows. We have experienced eight years of automatic cutting line upgrading and reform. At present, the number of automatic cutting lines in China is more than 60%, and more than 300 terminal customers are using them. The accuracy, stability and efficiency of the equipment have been highly praised by the market.

At present, our company's automatic cutting line has been successfully connected with many software companies, such as German class, chuangying, dute, singer and other mainstream software companies.

There is still a long time to go for automatic production of doors and windows. We will unswervingly make our own choice and strive hard, and one day we will realize our dream.

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